The DVR Debacle

Okay, so everyone at some point has had to explain a technological advancement to a parent. Maybe it was the DVD player, a new cell phone, or Facebook. Regardless of the subject, it’s a frustrating process. Explaining to my mother how DVR works wasn’t the hard part. The actual challenge came when we realized that all of our favorite shows premiered not only on the same night, but also at the same time! My mother, who is a saint for letting her 26 year old daughter continue to live with her, loves any ABC drama produced by Shonda Rhimes, while I prefer to watch the Thursday night NBC comedy block. So if you are thinking “you’ve got DVR, what’s the problem?” The problem is my mom feels the need to watch Dr. McDreamy rescue patients from the natural disaster of the week *while* it’s taping! To be accommodating, I watch Ron Swanson and the Parks crew back in my room. Do any of Jim’s pranks on Dwight take up space on the DVR? Absolutely NOT! What about “Troy and Abed in the morning”? Of course not! How could they? The DVR is full of hours upon hours of hospital antics followed by affairs and presidential scandals, all of which have been previously watched. I realize that in a world of war, recession, and The Real Housewives of insert random city, my DVR problems are not so bad. I guess it’s just one of the little drawbacks a dreamer must face while living at home with her ever supportive mother. Well, I’d better end my rant now and head back to my room. It would seem that my DVR is “on call.”


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