April Blogger Challenge: The Person that Inspires Me Most and Why…

First off, I hate questions like this, but in keeping with the spirit of teamwork (shout out to my fellow bloggers), I will try to answer it to the best of my ability, or lack there of.

I guess I could go with many different/typical answers for a question like this. I mean, I could talk about C.S. Lewis, or Mother Teresa, or Sam J. Porcello (the man who invented the cream filling inside Oreos). All of these people have certainly inspired me throughout my life, but C.S. and I are never going to share a pint at the local pub and doodle Narnia. And sadly, Momma T will not be cross-stitching with me anytime soon.

I chose, instead, to focus on someone I’ve spent some actual time with. I’ve known her forever, but I didn’t actually “know” her until about three years ago. I was a first-year teacher and also (this part is extremely important) a complete idiot. I thought everything was going to be all perfect die cuts and unbreakable crayons. Then I made it to lunch, and I realized that maybe I should’ve stuck with Political Science. Oh my goodness, people think the things you learn in kindergarten are so life-changing… Try the things you learn while teaching kindergarten. Oops… I’m talking too much about myself. Sorry. That might happen occasionally — still doing it.

Moving on. So, the one thing this fellow teacher taught me (among a million other things — like how to get a Sharpie stain out of your bra) was to be present. And I’m not talking about showing up for work, which is also significant to your own personal success and finances. I’m talking about being present in your life. Really having your eyes open to whatever your situation is and being an active participant in it. And sometimes that’s really challenging, because your situation may suck toenails. Regardless, I just think that’s something relevant to consider in the world we live in. Everyone is just looking for an escape… AKA: Facebook, The Real Housewives of The Enchanted Forest, or Fifty Shades of Grey (yeah, that was a pretty fun place to be at times). However, I think that if I read my own life story more, I would probably get to a better chapter eventually.

It’s like this, my friend was an excellent teacher, but that wasn’t her ideal job. Those are about as easy to find as a Horcrux. But she put her all into every M&M addition lesson, Field Day, and Fall Festival that came around. And now that she’s a mom (her ideal job — and she’s fantastic at it), she puts every part of herself into that. She looks at life and says: How can I take hold of this? How can a make this mine? No matter what may be going down, this is where I want to be… because this is where I am.

Maybe I don’t hate this question so much after all.



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