My First Words Out of a Coma? “I WANT TO SEE MUTEMATH!”

I don’t know how many of you out there heard about the woman who woke up from a coma and said she wanted to go to a Seger concert (read article here), but when I read about this lady I thought, wow, I would so do that. No, I wouldn’t wake from a semi-coma and ask for Seger, although he seems a decent fellow (points for those who know the reference), but I would totally ask to see my favorite band: Mutemath.

…mute what? I always hear this when I tell people their name. People do that with my name, too. I guess that’s just something Mutemath and I have in common. So, let me break it down for you. Mute- as in the inability to speak and math- like that subject in school you didn’t really want to learn. And no, their awesome name isn’t the only reason you should listen to them (or me- ha!), but it is a good place to start.

Mutemath was born out of the ashes of the band Earthsuit. Ever heard of them? They were a short lived, but critically acclaimed, ’90s Christian rock band. Paul Meany, former backup vocals/keyboard for Earthsuit, struck out on his own with friend, Darren King (drums/samples). Now we get to the good part. These two, King and Meany, started creating music together through a long-distance collaboration using samples, keyboard, and drums- the sound which would become the backbone of their self-titled album and which still influences their music today. Add to the duo Roy Mitchell-Cardenás (bass) and Greg Hill, although the latter is now replaced by Todd Gummerman (guitarist), and you’ve got MUTEMATH.

mutemath_002 (pictured left to right: Roy, Paul, Darren, and Todd)

My friends say I’m obsessed. And they’re probably right. Honestly, it was just love at first sound.  I have never been this hyped about a band where I need to buy every CD, go to every concert possible, etc.  I wasn’t even a “fan girl” for ‘N Sync or The Backstreet Boys in their heyday (but let’s be honest, I did listen to them). However, when I heard Mutemath, everything stopped. It was beyond a driveway moment. It was like this is the sound that I have waited my whole life to hear. They just have the right blend of musical elements that I love.

Beyond their incredible music, they have amazingly energetic live shows (under-exaggeration) which has made them the #1 band to see live before you die (check!), as told by Alternative Press and any fan you talk to. Offstage, they are some of the most humble guys I have ever met. They’re so gracious. Not only do they make time to sign drum shards (because King is a BEAST on the drums) or take pictures, they also stick around to have a conversation, which personally, I’ve found to be rare.

Their discography goes something like this:

Reset EP (2004)
Mutemath (2006)
Mutemath: Flesh and Bones Electric Fun (2007)
Spotlight EP (2009)
Armistice (2009)
Armistice Live (2010)
Odd Soul (2011)
Odd Soul- Live in DC (2012)

And although Mutemath didn’t create this album, some of the members are featured:
Live From Victory Fellowship: Elevator Music

They’re currently working on their next album and I am so excited! I have no shame in telling you now that when I get my hands on it, it’ll look something like this…

If you haven’t by now, do yourself a favor and go check them out. Now!

– Fallon

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