Just Uhn Tiss While You Work…

Quite frequently my work space, wherever that may be (it changes), is interrupted by various noises: dogs barking, people talking, some nondescript electronic device, etc. So what do I do? Find my earbuds and turn on some music! But, it has to be a specific kind of music. If I turn on say, Mutemath (go here for Mutemath love), then I’ll be too busy jamming to hear a character’s voice or imagine a scene. However, if I turn on trance music I somehow find this zone, a kind of headspace in which I can concentrate.

I’ve consistently listened to a certain trance DJ over the years, and he is ranked number one in the world. You probably know that I am speaking of Armin Van Buuren.


He just released his newest album, “Intense,” yesterday. I’m happy to have new music to work to, so I thought I’d share this preview video I found with you. Enjoy!

What music (if any) helps you work better?


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