The List: Ashley and Hillari Reminisce about The Office

Hillari: So, let’s face it, The Office has not been the same for a while (since Michael Scott headed for Colorado), but the show has continued to air without him. However, that will change this Thursday, when his co-workers tell us goodbye forever.


Ashley: It has been said that “all good things must come to an end.” It saddens me to say goodbye to all of the characters that I have come to know and love at Dunder Mifflin.

Hillari: I can’t believe that my September will never include another new season, or that Jim is done playing pranks on Dwight. These characters have become family — not only to each other, but to me.


Ashley and Hillari: Thus, we each give you five of our favorite episodes…

Hillari: Season 2 – The Client – The thing I love most about this episode, is that Michael’s worth is finally discovered, and we, the audience, get to see how the heck he landed the title of Office Manager in the first place– and Jan does too.

Ashley: Season 2 “Casino Night”- This is the episode where Jim tells Pam how he feels and they finally kiss! A lot of other things are revealed that night also… Jan has feelings for Michael and Kevin has a gambling problem.


Hillari: Season 2 – The Injury – I mean, can it get any better? Michael accidentally cooks his foot in a George Foreman Grill, while trying to wake up to the smell of bacon. It makes me laugh out loud just typing it.


Hillari: Season 2 – Michael’s Birthday – Michael always finds a way to make every day about him…. And now it’s his birthday. Unfortunately for him, this is also a life-changing day for Kevin in Accounting. The poor guy is fighting anxiety about possibly having skin cancer. Does Michael offer support and encouragement during this stressful time? No. He’s furious that Kevin couldn’t have picked a better day to have cancer.

Ashley: Season 3: “The Convention”- Michael plays the role of enthusiastic host as he tries to throw a party in his hotel room (while wearing his promotional floral print shirt might I add).

Hillari: Season 3 – Product Recall – I love how this episode starts, Michael in his “Oval Office,” addressing a major paper crisis: Dunder Mifflin’s top-selling paper has been sabotaged by an image of a cartoon duck doing unspeakable acts to a beloved cartoon mouse.

Ashley: Season 3: “A Benihana Christmas”- During the rival office parties, a heartbroken Michael brings two waitresses from lunch back to join in on the fun. One problem, he can’t tell them apart! He tries to mark the girls’ hands to know who’s who.







Hillari: Season 3 – Business School – There is a real-life bat flying around in the office. Need I say more?

Ashley: Season 4: “Survivor Man”- Michael feels left out when Toby brags about the HR retreat with Ryan. With a little help from Dwight, Michael tries to prove he is one with the wilderness. Dwight’s got his back, he just needs to remember to keep the safety on.

Ashley: Season 4: “Goodbye, Toby”- The greatest day of Michael’s life! Toby leaves and Micheal meets Holly, the new HR representative, who also happens to be the female Michael. Jim almost proposes to Pam under the fireworks, but is beaten to the punch by Andy.

“The people that you work with, are just… when you get down to it… your very best friends. They say, on your deathbed, you never wish you spent more time at the office. But I will. Gotta be a lot better than a deathbed… I actually don’t understand deathbeds. I mean, who would buy that?”

– Michael Scott


Thanks guys! It’s been fun.

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One thought on “The List: Ashley and Hillari Reminisce about The Office

  1. My favorite moment will always be in Season 4: ‘The Deposition’ when Michael says to David Wallace, “I think you’re a nice guy too.” It’s one of those moments that just hits you like a ton of bricks.

    And of course my favorite line said by Michael to Toby, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”

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