Covert Affairs: Season 4 – Starts This July!


The newest season of “Covert Affairs” is only weeks away and I can’t wait!

Where we left off:

(the long ->) Simon asked Annie (Piper Perabo) to run away with him to the Maldives. In the end, she decided she couldn’t leave, but just as she was going to tell him, Lena shot them both- killing Simon and leaving Annie in critical condition. Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Joan (Kari Matchett) eventually figured out that Lena was a double agent before she could kill Annie in a second attempt. Lena slipped away to Russia, while Annie tried to get her strength back. Annie went to Russia to find Lena, and killed her (in self-defense… mostly). But, Annie was found there and taken by the FSB to be interrogated about Simon’s ops. Eyal (Oded Fehr) and Auggie worked together to get Annie out of the Russian prison where she was being held. When she came back home, she worked with Eyal again because Mossad needed important intel. The mission eventually led Annie and Eyal to find Khalid Ansari and his girlfriend, Megan. Annie turned Megan, putting her in danger from Khalid, although we later find out it was really Khalid’s father who ordered the hit. (the short->) Annie traveled abroad to find Megan but found herself in a trap set by Khalid’s men, who later took Eyal hostage. After a successful rescue, Annie said goodbye to Eyal and flew home with Auggie. She later had a secret meeting with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) and agreed to work with him on an unknown project (Joan and Arthur’s (Peter Gallagher) names were mentioned), and Annie and Auggie finally had that conversation they’d been meaning to have for some time, and admitted their feelings for each other with a kiss.

What we might expect from Season 4:

The new season promo shows Annie tracking moles within the CIA. Looks like she’s kicking ass and taking names!

The development of Annie and Auggie’s relationship. We’ve seen this coming since they met. How will it play out? Or rather, how long will the writers let them stay together?

More answers (or questions) concerning Jai’s death. Annie working with his father, Henry Wilcox, behind Joan and Arthur’s back will probably take us to some new places we haven’t been. Will liking Henry Wilcox be one of them? Doubtful!

Auggie may have some secret missions of his own. With Arthur telling him, “If you can’t live with secrets, you shouldn’t be dating a spy” we’re left to speculate. But if the promo isn’t misleading us, Auggie tells Annie. She also says, “This changes everything.” Dun dun dunnn!

Will Eyal Lavin come back? I certainly hope so! But he did quit Mossad and is off sailing somewhere.  He needs to call Annie “Neshama” at least a few times to make this season legit. He and Annie have been through a lot and have great chemistry (and more recently, he let her borrow his freakin’ safe house). Will he try to get in the way of Annie and Auggie’s relationship?

New blood! Added to the cast this season is Michelle Ryan, as Teresa Hamilton (agent with a “shadowy past”) and Hill Harper, as Calder Micheals, a CIA station chief in Latin America.

It looks to be an interesting season!


Covert Affairs Season 4 starts Tuesday, July 16th 9/8C on USA.

*cue intro whistle*

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