Ashley’s Great Expectations for The Spectacular Now


I just finished Jim Tharp’s novel, The Spectacular Now, in anticipation of the movie premiere this August. I must give a shout out to fellow Miserable’s blogger, Andrew, for introducing me to this work. He told me about James Ponsoldt’s take on the lives and love of these Oklahoma teenagers that premiered back in January, at Sundance. Andrew sold me on the fact that my newest celebrity crush, Miles Teller, would play the party-hearty protagonist, Sutter Keely. As if it couldn’t get any better, the script was adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Webber, the writers of “500 Days of Summer.”

    So, below I have listed some of the things I want to see carried over, explored more, or possibly changed from the book to the screen. Let’s just call this list: “Ashley’s Great Expectations.”

  1. Can someone please call attention to Sutter’s drinking problems? I know alcoholism is a subtle theme in this book but let’s go ahead and play that up a tad on the screen.  I think in today’s society teens need to see the cause/effect relationship of drugs and alcohol.

  1. Let Aimee be dorky, but please, no horse face t-shirts!

  1. Brie Larson will make a fantastic Cassidy but let’s please not call her fat. I mean have you seen this actress?  In Tharp’s novel, fat is a loving term Sutter uses to describe his ex’s full frame that is so hypnotic to him, but let’s avoid it in general.

  1. I hope Aimee’s reveal of her real first time is portrayed as innocent and yet dark, as it was in the book. My heart absolutely broke when I read this. It showed so much about her character and was very well written.

  1. We’ve already established that I feel Miles Teller can do no wrong. However, I hope his portrayal of Sutter is as honest and endearing as he is in the book. I loved this character. He was perfectly flawed… if that makes any sense at all.

Overall, I’m so excited about seeing this film. Regardless if it meets my expectations or exceeds them.


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One thought on “Ashley’s Great Expectations for The Spectacular Now

  1. It’s safe to say, you will be pleased with the adaptation.

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