Suits: Season 3 – Starts this July!


I have been HOOKED on this show ever since I stumbled across it. I think I watched both seasons within a couple of weeks (…maybe less). A new season is upon us and I can’t wait!

Where we left off:

The team came out against Hardman and Folsom Foods unscathed (and Hardman’s name *finally* came off the wall).

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was upset with Jessica (Gina Torres) for making the decision to merge the firm with Edward Darby’s (Conleth Hill) London based firm. So, what did he do? Filed a lawsuit against Darby and made a wager: if he wins, Darby goes back to London, if he loses… well, it’s Harvey.

Dana Scott (Abigail Spencer) tried to gain Harvey’s affections (she ended up not marrying the guy she was engaged to), which meant getting his attention first by taking some of his clients, forcing them to work together. Ultimately, he didn’t seem interested in anything beyond a physical relationship. Ouch.

The will they/won’t they question was answered when Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) hooked up in the file room… awkwardly.

Rachel received a rejection letter from Harvard and Louis tried to put the blame on himself.

What we might expect from Season 3:

The promo line “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” sums up the clips we’ve seen so far the best. Looks like every relationship will be tested.

Further development of Mike and Rachel’s relationship. Mike tells Rachel his secret. Will she be able to keep it? How will it affect their relationship (working and personal)?

Rachel figures out the next step in her career. Will she try to attend another university?  Or, will she try to be like Mike and somehow con her way in or forge her acceptance?

With Hardman out of the way, looks like Harvey’s gunning for Jessica now. Will he make partner this season, have a successful coup, or find himself at the top of Jessica’s list (and out of the firm)?

Hardman criticized Jessica for not having romantic relationships. Will we see her involved with anyone this season?

We don’t see Donna very much outside of the office (except for when she was fired last season). Personally, I would like to see more of that. And, will she FINALLY reveal her not-so-secret feelings for Harvey (she might be in denial, but is she really fooling anyone)? Also, I want to know what the can opener is for!

Harvey looks pretty pissed at Mike- which means he must have found out that he told Rachel his (and by proxy Harvey’s) secret. Will he kick him out of the firm? Or, just lose his place as Harvey’s associate? What will that mean for Mike- selling test answers and weed again?

The promo shows Mike and Louis having a meal together and drinking wine. Are they toasting to a new partnership? Will Mike be Louis’s associate this season? Or, are they scheming together… perhaps this is what Mike meant when he tells Harvey, “You are going to regret this.”

New characters! Michelle Fairley (from Game of Thrones) plays Ava Hessington, an executive from an oil company who is facing serious bribery charges. We will also meet Harvey’s dad, Gordon Specter, as played by James McCaffrey.

Looks to be an interesting season suitors!


All new season of Suits starts July 16th, 10/9C on USA

*cue ♫ Greenback Boogie ♪ *


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