The List: Ashley’s Favorite Summer Movies

It seems like after the Fourth, summer just flies by. In what’s left of my vacation, I decided to compile a list of my favorite summer movies. By “summer movies,” I mean those that remind me of sun, sand, and 5 day rentals at our local video store.


The Sandlot: Believe it or not, this baseball classic just celebrated its 20th anniversary.


Weekend at Bernie’s: I wish the creators of this film had just quit while they were ahead.
I love the original but like to pretend the sequel was never made.


Shag: 1960s Southern Belles sneak down to Myrtle Beach to drink, dance, and meet boys!


Point Break: If you haven’t seen this film here’s the best way I can describe it:
Kathryn Bigelow, pre-Oscar win, directs Fast and the Furious at the beach.


The Great Outdoors:  Written by John Hughes, this is quite possibly my favorite John Candy film.


One Crazy Summer: This movie is by far the campest one on the list.
John Cusack overcomes his fear of basketball and boats while falling
in love with a young Demi Moore.


Now and Then: Yes, another coming of age story told from the past with a fantastic ensemble cast.


A League of Their Own: “There’s no crying in baseball.”


The Parent Trap: One of Disney’s first classics.
Please watch the Hayley Mills version, not the Lohan remake.


What are you favorite summer movies?

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