The List: Summer TV – More Than Just Re-runs

During the summer months I usually abandon my TV and head to the theatre instead. Throughout May and June I had a movie date every single weekend. After the fourth, my blockbuster interest started to dwindle (as did my entertainment budget). To bust my boredom, I turned to summer TV and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.


  1. On Sunday night, I was introduced to a circle of friends who know the ins and outs of the Beverly Hills elite. Devious Maids follows five women who clean up more than their employers’ houses.


  1. If Camp Clements had been anything like the show Camp, I would have actually left my cabin. This show follows a newly divorced single mom, Mack, trying to run her family camp, Little Otter.  Lots of hilarious pranks and unexpected romances can be found on this NBC show.

  1. unnamed

  1. Who doesn’t love a game night with your closest friends? Now imagine your friends are famous! Hollywood Game Night is a collection of celebrities playing for charities with the help of two civilians playing for a $25,000 take home prize. With Jane Lynch as the show’s fearless host, you won’t think of excuses to bail on this game night.


  1. Just when I think I’m starting to lose my street cred, I tune into the Sundance channel to watch Jim Rash’s, The Writer’s Room. Each week, the executive producers of such critically acclaimed shows like: Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Dexter, and many more come to form a round table and talk all things TV. It’s interesting to me to see each show’s writing rituals and how characters we love are created.

           What shows have you been watching?


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