The List: Ashley’s Love/Hate for Sons of Anarchy

There are so many well written articles out there that have been heavily researched by literary theorists and scholars comparing Sons of Anarchy and Hamlet. Just so we are clear, this post is not one of them! In fact, it would be more accurate to compare the next few paragraphs to a diary entry by a passive-aggressive teenage girl. I am not FX’s target demographic, but I started watching SOA less than a year ago. It took one episode for me to get hooked. This show’s amazing writing team has the insane ability to send me into a mild panic attack every single episode! Kurt Sutter gives us the opportunity to be part of a negative fantasy.

On Tuesday, we get to join the brothers of SAMCRO at the table and see what fate has in store for the beloved outlaw motorcycle club. Each character has grown and changed throughout the seasons. Like most shows (and people for that matter), your feelings towards each one and how they react to situations are often mixed. Having said that, I give you my love/ hate list for Sons of Anarchy.

Jax: I have loved him despite his selfishness and infidelities in seasons one and two. In seasons three and four, when he wanted out of the club, I stood by him and rooted for him at every bend in the road. When he was going to sacrifice himself to Damon Popes’ thugs on the inside, I was reminded of why he’s our anti- hero. By the end of season five, I have convinced myself that the gavel might as well be Gollum’s ring. Everyone who touches it takes a turn for the douche. Now entering season 6, Jax had better go back to that dog fighting ring and save every one of those puppies to win me back.

Clay: He’s the worst! In season five, Clay is no longer club president. He confesses to some of his sins but is still stripped of his patch. Bobby Elvis votes to keep Clay alive. At the end of the season he’s been framed for murder by Jax (with assistance from Juice and Gemma). Yes, Clay’s innocent but what goes around comes around. I have little to no sympathy for him.

Gemma: I think she is an evil bia, but I love to hate her. In one way, I get that she wants to keep her family close but the final scene of season five explains it all. Gemma wants to be in control!

Tara: This girl took Tammy Wynette’s words to heart. She loves Jax and loving him means loving his mother and his club right? Wrong! Poor Tara just may lose it all in season six. She’s one of the most sympathetic characters on this show.

Unser: Love him! I hope the cancer gets him before SAMCRO’s shenanigans do. So many times I have wanted Unser, Tara, and the kids to jump into the mobile home and leave Charming behind. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we saw a post card hanging behind the club house bar that just said: Glad you’re not here!

Juice: He used to be the comedic relief but has been given more of an arc over the past few seasons. I love Juice. He’s so loyal to the brotherhood. I’m very interested to see how he’ll deal with his guilt of betraying Clay.

Bobby Elvis: I don’t blame him for turning in his VP patch at the end of season five. Poor Bobby’s reign on Jax’s left played out more like an old country song rather than a promotion. He was cheated on, lied to, and used. Bobby always seems to maintain integrity (as much as a Son can). I wonder how he’ll back in season six.

Rig: The craziest member of the MC had a Blake Snyder moment at the end of last season. It could not have come at a better time. Tigg’s character is needed to add conflict in the story but man can he be gross.

Chibs: I have always loved Chibs. He’s had Jax’s back from Jump St. and tried to do right by the club. Okay, maybe it’s the accent.

I realize this show is what it is because of the fantastic characters and the talented actors who play them. This is just my ‘love me/ hate me’ rant as I mentally prepare for what’s coming up next in the Sons of Anarchy.


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