Once Upon a Time: Season Three- Starts this Sunday!


Honestly, I wasn’t interested in watching this show for the first couple of seasons. With all of the remakes and reboots out there of superheroes and fairytale characters, I was weary of watching another. It wasn’t until I saw a promo for its new spinoff, Wonderland, that I thought maybe I should give Once Upon a Time a chance.

I have to say I am pretty impressed with how well they’ve stayed true to each character’s original story and yet, strayed far enough away for it to seem fresh. Season three looks to be no exception, with an unlikely team of characters en route to Neverland in an attempt to rescue a young boy.

So, after binge watching two seasons last week I am fully prepared for Once Upon A Time’s season three premiere this Sunday.

Where we left off…


Hook, the Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma boarded the Jolly Roger and used a magic bean to open a portal to Neverland in pursuit of Greg and Tamara who abducted Emma’s son, Henry.


Can’t remember why they’re all working together?

Their connections to Henry:

Mothers- Emma Swan (biological), Regina Mills/Evil Queen (adoptive)
Grandparents- Snow White, Prince Charming, Rumpelstiltskin

And then there’s Hook, who is probably the most interesting of the bunch. He has no familial ties to Henry. However, Hook was in love with Henry’s grandmother Milah (Rumpelstiltskin wife) and felt somewhat like a stepfather to Neal/Baelfire (Henry’s dad) after her death.

Expectations and predictions for Season Three:

Introduction to new characters: Peter Pan (rumored Robbie Kay), Tinkerbell (Rose McIver), Ariel (Joanna Garcia Swisher), Prince Eric (Gil McKinney), Rufio (?), and the Pied Piper (? ). Also, Sean McGuire replaces Tim Ellis as Robin Hood.

tinkerbellTinkerbell and Regina look awfully chummy. That can’t be good.

The previews show that Pan and Rumpel are on less than friendly terms. One of the Lost Boys said that Pan would kill him if he was there about “the boy” (ie Henry). Is that how Henry will ultimately be Rumpelstiltskin’s prophesied “undoing”? Is that why Peter Pan wanted Henry? Or, will Rumpel live but be undone as the Dark One? Belle was very close to doing just that with true love’s kiss in a previous episode.

Two lonely hearts stuck on a confined ship, both thinking Neal is dead. Hmm… I bet Captain Swan shippers will probably enjoy some more outrageously flirtatious banter between Emma and Hook. I’m really hoping that by the time she finds out Neal’s alive she’s already fallen a little for Hook. Wouldn’t that be some Jerry Springer fairytale drama? “Henry, I’m in love with your father and the man your grandmother left your grandfather for, and in reality both men should be a few hundred years older than me.”

When Neal falls through the portal to the land of the Enchanted Forest he is found by Mulan, Princess Aurora, and Prince Phillip. The last time we saw Phillip his soul was being sucked out by a wraith. Cora, Regina’s mother, told Aurora that the souls of those taken by the wraith are transported to another realm. I think we may assume that Mulan and Aurora were successful in their attempt to find him and reconnect soul with body. Could Neverland be that realm? If it is, Neal would have the means of getting back to Emma and Henry.

Will Henry be able to use magic? The title of the first episode this season is “The Heart of the Truest Believer.” Neverland is a place where believing is especially important. There is no heart in Storybrook more stalwart than Henry’s when it comes to believing in magic.  Perhaps he will be the undoing of Peter Pan as well…

Once Upon a Time Season Three starts September 29th 8/7c on ABC!


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