The List: Ashley’s Favorite Ben Affleck Movies

Last month it was revealed that our favorite Boston boy will soon be moving into Wayne Manor. Don’t worry, this post is not a list of reasons why Affleck will make a great Batman. In fact, I will agree that Affleck seems to be more successful at writing and directing than he is at acting (see numerous nominations and wins). With his newest film Runner Runner released this month, I thought it might be fun to list my favorite Ben Affleck movies.


Dazed and Confused: Whether you graduated in 1976 or 2006, you can relate to this coming of age high school comedy. Affleck has a small role as O’Bannion, an incoming senior hazing a group of incoming freshman boys on the last day of school.


Chasing Amy: Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Affleck’s character, Holden McNeil, plays a comic book artist who falls in love with the seemingly perfect girl.  The only problem is she’s gay!


Armageddon: The film that launched Affleck’s star power. I can’t even think about Bruce Willis’s speech to Affleck’s character, A.J. Frost, without getting teary eyed. And what about that soundtrack?!


Daredevil: Directed again by Kevin Smith, Affleck plays Matt Murdock, blind attorney from Hell’s Kitchen by day, and crime fighting Daredevil by night. Although this film did not meet critics’ expectations, it did get Affleck and future wife, Jennifer Garner, some on-screen romance.


Jersey Girl: Quiet possibly my favorite Kevin Smith film of all time. Ben Affleck plays Oliver Trinke, a once high profile publicist in New York, who moves back to his home in Jersey to raise his daughter after his wife’s death during childbirth. This film is truly touching and it is a definite change of pace in Affleck’s acting career.

In closing, I feel that it is necessary to also add, “Affleck’s the bomb in Phantoms, yo!”


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