The Academy & I: An Introduction

<> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

Film buffs like myself live for this time of the year. Awards season contenders hit movie theaters every week and we scramble to see as many as possible in anticipation of compiling our year-end lists in order to hail our favorite films of the year and to impress our fellow cinephiles. It just so happens that today marks the occasion that we are officially just three months away from The Academy Awards, or as they call themselves now in an attempt to seem hip, The Oscars.

March 2nd is that fateful day when a group of industry folk pat themselves on the back by awarding little golden man statues to those they feel represented the best in film over the course of the previous year. With the nominations set to be announced on January 16th, it of course has gotten me thinking about those films and actors I want to be represented by their peers come March.

As is often the case when it comes to my particular taste, I rarely agree with the Academy’s choices. Sure, there are many worthy nominations handed out every year, but in my lifetime there has never been a Best Picture winner that was also my favorite film of the year.

Now among cinephiles, this is not a rare occurrence. That’s not to say that those winners of the most coveted Best Picture Oscar are not deserving, it’s just that within such an expansive industry and with such varied tastes it’s impossible to find one film or performance that every film buff agrees is the best.

So, its got me thinking. How exactly does my taste in film stack up against that of the hallowed Academy’s? Well, that is what I intend to explore.

Through a look at the Academy Awards’ recent history, from 2007 (the best year in film in recent memory IMO) to present day, I intend to compare my taste with that of the Academy’s in various categories. Essentially, I will take my favorite Cinematography, Film, Lead Actor, etc. from each year and compare it to those films and performances the Academy chose to award that same year.

So, if you’re interested in this incredibly self-involved experiment in which a film buff will put his taste up against that of the Academy’s, this series of blog posts is for you. This is The Academy & I.

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