Ashley’s Least Favorite Flicks

We all know that life is short. Time should be invested instead of wasted. So if I could go back in time and un-see some films (especially those below), I would. To save you time, I have listed five movies that I believe robbed me of a fraction of my life (if one of your guilty pleasure films ends up on this list, I’m sorry).

1. Surfer Dude
I know Matthew McConaughey wanted to show his range but I can’t even give you a plot description for this gem. I love seeing Mr. McConaughey shirtless as much as the next girl but after about forty-five minutes, I was wiped out.

2. The Watchmen
I got the theme but it was a little too violent for my taste. Hillari picked this movie to go see the first time we visited the Hollins University campus. She still apologizes for it today.

3. Barry Gordy’s The Last Dragon
My boyfriend made me watch this early in our relationship and sometimes I’m surprised I stayed with him! I guess seeing this film was a necessity because now when I hear LMFAO’s “Sexy and I know it” the line “Like Bruce Lee Roy I’ve got the glow…” it makes sense to me.

4. Fool’s Gold
It sounds like I’m hating on Matthew McConaughey, but I hated this movie. I know the studios were trying to cash in on the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” fortune but it may have been too soon. Or, just a bad script. If you do watch this film, enjoy the beautiful setting, my dream home, Key West, Florida.

Sex-and-the-City-2-001(Sex and the Desert?)

5. Sex and the City (1 and 2)
I loved watching Carrie and the girls but when the show ended my senior year of high school, I moved on. After four years, I didn’t know these women anymore. Watching the movies was like going to a baby shower for an old friend. You talk about where you’re at now and what you’re doing but the whole time you can’t take her seriously because you remember that she was the one who tasted the funky spunk.


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