HitRecordTV: A Quick Review


If I have not shared my love of the extremely talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt before, allow me to gush now. I’m a huge fan of regular Joe and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his new variety show, HitRecord TV, on Pivot. HitRecord TV is a collaborative project started by Joe and his brother, Dan (1974-2010), in 2005. It began as an online spring board for artists around the world to get inspired and share their work in a community forum. With Joe’s writing, directing, and production skills, the site has developed into the creative work that it is today. The best part of this show is not just the all-star guests (which range from John Waters to John Krasinski) but that it is a work of art put together using contributions of… just average Joes! Below I’ve listed the highlights of this season’s episodes:

The Number One: The first skit was a short story written by a girl who had been diagnosed at an early age with a condition that left her with night blindness. She was thirteen the first time she ever saw the stars. She wrote in detail about how friends had described the night sky to her but it was nowhere near the experience of seeing them herself. She was able to view the majestic sight after her father bought a pair of military grade night vision goggles. She went on to say that her dad “did what all fathers promise their daughters, he gave her the stars.” This sketch was beautifully illustrated and featured Elle Fanning.

The pilot episode also debuted a collaborative group song, “You’re Not the Only One.” It was performed live by the songwriters and featured Joe on piano. This ballad is so uplifting and fun with creative lyrics.

Space: My favorite part of this episode was a subtle monologue written and acted by a HitRecord contributor, in which a young woman is saying goodbye to a loved one that she may never see again. Her words are real and the emotion behind her portrayal is very moving. So moving in fact, it inspired the scripted short “Mars” starring Joe himself!

The Other Side: Joe gives an interview about the pros and cons of being on the other side of the screen. He admits that not having to worry about money is a plus, but it’s the passion behind his work that makes his job worthwhile. Joe does a great job of acknowledging the obvious perks of being famous but does not glamorize it either by saying that money and fame are not enough to make you happy.


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