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The Puppy Play: My Video for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest

Friends! Lend me your shares!

I just entered the Doritos Crash the Superbowl ad contest and need your help. Views, votes (preferably 5 stars- *nudge nudge*), and shares will get my commercial noticed. Sure there’s the million dollar prize, but I’m keen to go work on the next Avengers movie with Joss Whedon in a little town called London, England. Please take just a moment of your time to pass it along to your friends. It’s pretty cute, so they’ll probably thank you. I know I will!


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Ashley’s Great Expectations for The Spectacular Now


I just finished Jim Tharp’s novel, The Spectacular Now, in anticipation of the movie premiere this August. I must give a shout out to fellow Miserable’s blogger, Andrew, for introducing me to this work. He told me about James Ponsoldt’s take on the lives and love of these Oklahoma teenagers that premiered back in January, at Sundance. Andrew sold me on the fact that my newest celebrity crush, Miles Teller, would play the party-hearty protagonist, Sutter Keely. As if it couldn’t get any better, the script was adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Webber, the writers of “500 Days of Summer.”

    So, below I have listed some of the things I want to see carried over, explored more, or possibly changed from the book to the screen. Let’s just call this list: “Ashley’s Great Expectations.”

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Desensitized Moviegoers: The Need for “Bigger Stakes”

*******This post contains Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers*******

After reading other bloggers’ points of view on Star Trek Into Darkness, I wanted to write this post because I wholeheartedly and good-naturedly disagree.

First to sum up what’s been said:

Star Trek Into Darkness fell short of Star Trek  (2009) due to lower stakes. Star Trek had a time-traveling, planet-imploding villain and Star Trek Into Darkness had a guy who could punch. Hard.

Let me preface all of the following by saying that I understand the need for “big stakes” in a film. I really do. It drives the character to do things he or she normally wouldn’t do, helps them grow, drives the plot, and creates drama. All good stuff. And sometimes, yes, you can (and should) push your story further by “upping the stakes.” However, this is my gripe with the general sentiment above expressed by others…

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Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox: Why am I Doing this Again?

I am a carnivore (my friends tag me in anything bacon related). So, when I tell you that I attempted a detox where I was essentially vegan for three days, you can be assured that it was no small feat. I followed Dr. Oz’s 3-Day detox (with some liberties) and went through the looking glass.

For anyone who’s interested in trying it themselves, here’s a look at what you’re in for…


Day 1: The (H)Angry Day

My body was none too pleased with this abrupt change…
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