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Andrew’s Journey Through TIFF 2013: Episode III


The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the first stops on the journey through film awards season. This year, Andrew was fortunate enough to be in attendance and is now recapping the films and events he attended while at TIFF.

TIFF Day 6

With bright and early screenings now a thing of the past for my festival experience, I had the great pleasure of sleeping in on this day. I dreamed of what might occur if I was to meet my idol who just so happened to be the star of the next film on my docket.

David Gordon Green’s Joe


Nicolas Cage. What else needs to be said? Some love him and some hate him, but the haters always seem to forget that not only does he have an Academy Award bearing his name, but when on he remains one of the most talented actors in the biz. Now I get it, his recent string of endless sub-par action films leaves a lot to be desired, but every once in awhile he chooses a role that truly lets his artistry shine. Thankfully, Joe just so happens to be the latest. Playing the titular ex-con with an underlying mean streak, Cage gives a nuanced and (for the most part) subdued performance. Youngster Tye Sheridan is every bit his equal as Gary, a kid new in town who is looking for work and who Joe takes under his wing. Gary’s father (Gary Poulter) is abusive and is constantly taking money from Gary to fuel his rampant alcoholism. Under the helm of David Gordon Green, who has already released one great film this year in Prince Avalanche, the film is visually stunning with his signature brand of cinematography. While the film loses its focus at times and certainly has its fair share of disturbing moments, Green and his actors make sure to ground the film in a dark reality that seems true to life in this small Texas town. Whether you love him or you hate him it’s hard to argue that this isn’t another great Cage performance, and while us fans would certainly love for him to keep choosing these interesting off the beaten path roles, somebody’s gotta pay those taxes. Long live The Cage.

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The Miserables Review: Iron Man 3 (or “Three” for Andrew…)

Fallon: This month we’re approaching our film reviews a little bit differently. All of us review Iron Man 3 and give you our own unique experiences in one post. Enjoy!


Ashley: May is the start of my favorite time of year. I think about everything that comes along with this magical month: spring, baseball, summer break, etc. Yes, I love seasonal changes and all the newness of everything around me. I enjoy watching my nephew out in right field looking off into space. I live for the anticipation of the last days of school when summer break is in sight. But the thing I love most about May is the beginning of…SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON!!! As soon as I get my Entertainment Weekly Summer Calendar, I immediately start planning the next three months around premieres and opening nights. It sounds lame, but that is a bit of truth from my sad life.


I kicked off the season by watching my second favorite Marvel superhero on the big screen. I’m a huge fan of the Ironman series and have been a faithful follower for many years now. I will say that my journey with Tony, Pepper, Hap, and Rhody has been somewhat disappointing at times…cough… Avengers…cough. But after leaving the theatre tonight, I was very pleased with where we left Tony Stark. SPOILER ALERT: We are promised that we will see Iron Man again, but if this is the last installment of Stan Lee’s masterpiece, it went out with a bang!

Hillari: So, I liked it. A lot. Robert Downey Jr. is just — fantastic (and seriously sexy)! If the man told me he was Barack Obama, I would believe him. The dude is good. Go see this movie because Robert Downey Jr. is in it.

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