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The List: Ashley’s Critera for Finding the Perfect TV Series

Happy Holidays!

About a month left now until Christmas and that means cooking, shopping, and family time.Not to sound like a Scrooge, but during the holiday break I actually look forward to the stay-cation rather than the food and presents. All of my shows are on hiatus and after the holiday movies and specials have been aired about 100 times I find myself getting restless. To beat the boredom, I try to catch up on a new television series. This quest has led me to discover such shows as: Friday Night Lights, The Office, and Sons of Anarchy. I have a criterion that I follow to find the perfect show.

1. It has to be a current show on air. I made this mistake with Arrested Development. I had no
one to share in my excitement when I finished the series. Lucky for me, Netflix heard my cry
(and the rest of the world’s) and showed pity on us by giving us more.

2. The show must be 3 seasons in or less. I’m ambitious and want to watch a whole series in
two weeks but I don’t like setting anyone up for disappointment.

3. It has to be broad. Not to be confused with mainstream. I don’t mind spoiler alerts, especially
if I’m newly invested. I just don’t want to choose something so obscure that I can only connect
with fans though cryptic fan sites that require a comprehensive exam of the show’s backstory to

4. The show has to be accessible through Netflix, Hulu, or even on the networks website. I’m
not looking to sink $40 plus into a show that I might not continue to follow in the New Year.

Now that I shared my guidelines, here are some shows I’ve got in mind for this holiday season:
Mike and Molly, Dracula, Betrayal, Justified (I know this breaks #2). What do you recommend?


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Once Upon a Time: Season Three- Starts this Sunday!


Honestly, I wasn’t interested in watching this show for the first couple of seasons. With all of the remakes and reboots out there of superheroes and fairytale characters, I was weary of watching another. It wasn’t until I saw a promo for its new spinoff, Wonderland, that I thought maybe I should give Once Upon a Time a chance.

I have to say I am pretty impressed with how well they’ve stayed true to each character’s original story and yet, strayed far enough away for it to seem fresh. Season three looks to be no exception, with an unlikely team of characters en route to Neverland in an attempt to rescue a young boy.

So, after binge watching two seasons last week I am fully prepared for Once Upon A Time’s season three premiere this Sunday.

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The List: Ashley’s Love/Hate for Sons of Anarchy

There are so many well written articles out there that have been heavily researched by literary theorists and scholars comparing Sons of Anarchy and Hamlet. Just so we are clear, this post is not one of them! In fact, it would be more accurate to compare the next few paragraphs to a diary entry by a passive-aggressive teenage girl. I am not FX’s target demographic, but I started watching SOA less than a year ago. It took one episode for me to get hooked. This show’s amazing writing team has the insane ability to send me into a mild panic attack every single episode! Kurt Sutter gives us the opportunity to be part of a negative fantasy.

On Tuesday, we get to join the brothers of SAMCRO at the table and see what fate has in store for the beloved outlaw motorcycle club. Each character has grown and changed throughout the seasons. Like most shows (and people for that matter), your feelings towards each one and how they react to situations are often mixed. Having said that, I give you my love/ hate list for Sons of Anarchy.

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The List: Television’s Best Dramas


This past Sunday night marked the triumphant return of Breaking Bad, AMC’s critically-acclaimed drama that will come to a close next month after this most recent string of eight episodes. It’s not only one of the best shows currently on the air, it will go down as one of television’s all-time greats. It’s one of the best examples of high-quality serialized storytelling and is definitely one of the crowning achievements of this most recent golden age in television.  With that being said, I feel it’s the perfect time to finally reveal this list of my all-time favorite television dramas. Ranking shows is always problematic and this list was easily the most difficult I’ve ever had to compile (I couldn’t even limit it to five shows). With shows like Justified and Game of Thrones still amidst their television runs I chose not to put them on this list, although as we near their conclusions they may just find themselves a spot. I feel it’s safe to say that to truly experience all television has to offer, these following shows are absolutely essential viewing. Let the controversy commence!

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2012-13: The Television Year in Review


With the Emmy nominations scheduled for release tomorrow, July 18th, it’s that time of the year to look back on what turned out to be an eventful year in television. Although it was one that didn’t exactly provide many newcomers to threaten the veterans atop critics’ leaderboards, it was nonetheless one with its fair share of surprises and disappointments. That’s not even to mention the welcome return of one of the greatest television comedies of all-time. So here it is, in all its glory, my summation of the year in television; from those shows that continued to hook me each and every week, to those that birthed a whole new brand of boob tube frustration.

Note: I would be remiss not to mention those shows I was not able to view during the year. Those include TremeThe NewsroomThe AmericansThe Good WifeHomelandModern FamilyGirlsVeep, and 30 Rock among many others.

Best Comeback


(Showtime, 2006 to Present)


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Suits: Season 3 – Starts this July!


I have been HOOKED on this show ever since I stumbled across it. I think I watched both seasons within a couple of weeks (…maybe less). A new season is upon us and I can’t wait!

Where we left off:

The team came out against Hardman and Folsom Foods unscathed (and Hardman’s name *finally* came off the wall).

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was upset with Jessica (Gina Torres) for making the decision to merge the firm with Edward Darby’s (Conleth Hill) London based firm. So, what did he do? Filed a lawsuit against Darby and made a wager: if he wins, Darby goes back to London, if he loses… well, it’s Harvey.

Dana Scott (Abigail Spencer) tried to gain Harvey’s affections (she ended up not marrying the guy she was engaged to), which meant getting his attention first by taking some of his clients, forcing them to work together. Ultimately, he didn’t seem interested in anything beyond a physical relationship. Ouch.

The will they/won’t they question was answered when Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle) hooked up in the file room… awkwardly.

Rachel received a rejection letter from Harvard and Louis tried to put the blame on himself.

What we might expect from Season 3:

The promo line “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” sums up the clips we’ve seen so far the best. Looks like every relationship will be tested.
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Covert Affairs: Season 4 – Starts This July!


The newest season of “Covert Affairs” is only weeks away and I can’t wait!

Where we left off:

(the long ->) Simon asked Annie (Piper Perabo) to run away with him to the Maldives. In the end, she decided she couldn’t leave, but just as she was going to tell him, Lena shot them both- killing Simon and leaving Annie in critical condition. Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Joan (Kari Matchett) eventually figured out that Lena was a double agent before she could kill Annie in a second attempt. Lena slipped away to Russia, while Annie tried to get her strength back. Annie went to Russia to find Lena, and killed her (in self-defense… mostly). But, Annie was found there and taken by the FSB to be interrogated about Simon’s ops. Eyal (Oded Fehr) and Auggie worked together to get Annie out of the Russian prison where she was being held. When she came back home, she worked with Eyal again because Mossad needed important intel. The mission eventually led Annie and Eyal to find Khalid Ansari and his girlfriend, Megan. Annie turned Megan, putting her in danger from Khalid, although we later find out it was really Khalid’s father who ordered the hit. (the short->) Annie traveled abroad to find Megan but found herself in a trap set by Khalid’s men, who later took Eyal hostage. After a successful rescue, Annie said goodbye to Eyal and flew home with Auggie. She later had a secret meeting with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) and agreed to work with him on an unknown project (Joan and Arthur’s (Peter Gallagher) names were mentioned), and Annie and Auggie finally had that conversation they’d been meaning to have for some time, and admitted their feelings for each other with a kiss.

What we might expect from Season 4:

The new season promo shows Annie tracking moles within the CIA. Looks like she’s kicking ass and taking names!

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The List: Television’s Best Comedies

This Sunday, May 26th, marks the return of Arrested Development, the cult FOX comedy that initially ran from 2003 to 2006. This is not however, television in its typical format. Yes, these are episodes centered around everyone’s favorite spoiled Bluth family, but they are not airing on network or even cable television. The entirety of the new fifteen-episode run is being dropped all at once on the internet-streaming service Netflix. I for one can’t wait to jump right back into the pop culture-heavy world of Mitchell Hurwitz’s insanely clever sitcom, mostly because there’s never been anything quite like it on television. My love for it also got me to thinking about my all-time favorite television comedies and of course, the way my mind works, ranking them in some fashion.


This list was extremely hard to compile. Picking and choosing between television shows that brought me so many different kinds of laughs and functioned in extremely different manners is like me trying to rank my all-time favorite breakfast meals (it’s impossible, but I’m sure all of them involve bacon is some form or the other). Nonetheless, I did my best to rank them according to how I feel at this moment in time. Tomorrow I may even feel differently, but regardless, these are all shows I love and that I couldn’t recommend more highly. And now, onto The List.

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