The List: Reunion Films

I recently met up with my former classmates to celebrate our 10 year high school reunion. I’d be lying if I said that I had been super pumped about heading back to my alma mater, but like most things we dread, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I actually enjoyed seeing everyone and talking about what has happened in the last decade. Our reunion got me thinking about films with a similar theme. Thus, a list of my favorites was born.


1. American Pie 2: Yes, they made an American Reunion but I preferred the sequel. It was fun to see Jim and the gang meet up after a year of maturing in college. The thematic thread throughout the American Pie franchise is friendship. I especially liked American Pie 2 because it was about growing up and taking the next step.


2. 10 Years: This little gem was a realistic look at post high school life…if you went to school with abnormally good looking people! The characters in this movie are very relatable. Everyone knew the Chris Pratt guy who wants to make amends for the sins of his younger self. We’re guilty of Facebook stalking the party- hearted Lynn Collins character and seeing fewer photos of body shots and more status updates about her children’s loose teeth. My favorite part of this movie is the mutual letting go and moving on between high school loves.


3. Zack and Miri Make a Porno: Props to Kevin Smith for writing and directing a fresh take on the romantic comedy. This film is full of hilarious one liners but the best are the exchanges at the high school reunion. Justin Long’s cameo is to this day one of my very favorites.


4. The Big Chill: Even though it’s a more dramatic college reunion, the characters’ lives are interesting and engaging. It’s said that this movie’s soundtrack plays an important part in telling the story of the rise and fall of this groups’ friendships.


5. Now and Then: I’m a sucker for flashbacks. Again, this soundtrack really made you feel like you were there growing up with these girls. I loved how each character grew from their past yet remember to stay true to the thing that made each one unique and special.


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