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22 Jump Street: A Quick Review

Jonah Hill;Channing Tatum

I admit, the first time I watched 21 Jump Street I wasn’t a fan. To me, it was one of those movies that you have to watch a couple of times to really appreciate its humor. I recently viewed its counterpart, 22 Jump Street. I have to say as far as sequels are concerned, the writing of this film was genius! There is an exchange between Nick Offerman and the boys that was so tongue in cheek. Offerman’s Captain character basically gives the perfect formula for writing reboots. You take what worked in the original film and amp it up for the next chapter. It’s that simple! The jokes were fresh and there were enough call backs to 21 for fans to feel connected with the characters. Ice Cube reprised his role as the tough talking leader of the Jump Street division. Hiss larger role in this film had lots of hilarious payoffs. This movie was very entertaining and, I dare say, better than the original.


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The List: Reunion Films

I recently met up with my former classmates to celebrate our 10 year high school reunion. I’d be lying if I said that I had been super pumped about heading back to my alma mater, but like most things we dread, it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I actually enjoyed seeing everyone and talking about what has happened in the last decade. Our reunion got me thinking about films with a similar theme. Thus, a list of my favorites was born.


1. American Pie 2: Yes, they made an American Reunion but I preferred the sequel. It was fun to see Jim and the gang meet up after a year of maturing in college. The thematic thread throughout the American Pie franchise is friendship. I especially liked American Pie 2 because it was about growing up and taking the next step.

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Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge 2013


In April, I decided to take on the Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge and listed my chosen adaptations to review here. Thus, my countdown of adaptations from loathe to love and “tolerable, I suppose” in between…


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The Mortal Instruments (Film Adaptation): A Quick Review


Hmm… I was entertained. The visuals were cool and completely coincided with what my mind had already came up with as a reader.

Umm… The acting? Well, they all looked good. And Jamie Campbell Bower did not disappoint — I totally bought that he was Jace Wayland. I also thought the adult cast was well done. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a little over the top, but an otherwise good villain.

I mean, overall, I liked it. I’m not going to lie, there were definitely some cheesy/flat-out-awkward moments. One in particular comes to mind, and if you see this film, you’ll know the exact one I’m talking about.

Will I pay to see this movie again? No.

Will I watch it while doing menial house chores, once it finds its way to ABC Family? Yes.

Will I pay to see the next one on the big screen? Yeah… Probably… I mean, I’m going to.


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The Miserables Review: Man of Steel


Fallon: Summer blockbuster reviews continue as we make our way through June. Below, Hillari, Andrew, and I review the much anticipated “Man of Steel.”

*******This review may contain spoilers*******

Hillari: Okay, so here is my little spiel…. I loved this movie. I loved the world that was created. I loved the overall message that was related. And, I don’t think there are many women who would argue with me when I say, I loved the casting! Now, it is long and it’s intense, but remember they call it action-packed for a reason.  If you’re looking for a movie this summer that will uplift you, empower you, and just generally make you want to be a better person — I suggest you see this film.

Andrew: As someone who has always been highly critical of the character Superman, seeing him as only a one-note barely flawed and unbeatable alien, I was surprised when the first trailer for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” hit movie screens and I loved it. A grounded take on Superman that makes him a more relatable and flawed human being (although technically he is not from this world) was always something I wanted to see. It was with this expectation that I went into my midnight screening of MOS.

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: A Quick Review

*This review contains spoilers*


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (a.k.a.- YJHD/ This Youth is Crazy) follows the story of Naina Talwar (Deepika Padkuone), Kabir “Bunny” Thapar (Ranbir Kapoor), and their friends Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) and “Avi”nash (Aditya Roy Kapur). The four go on a holiday trek together to Manali after Naina bumps into Aditi (by chance) and realizes she needs more from life than her studies. “Scholar Naina” (the one with the glasses, obviously) is studious, serious, and simple. Bunny is a charming flirt filled with wanderlust. Naina falls in love with him during the holiday, but says nothing because he has dreams of traveling the world (and outspoken views against marriage). Fast forward eight years later, the four are brought together again after they’ve drifted apart. Naina and Bunny are drawn towards each other once more, but has too much time passed?

I *really* enjoyed this. I thought I would like it, but I was surprised by how much. The story is typical of what you might find in any romcom, but the execution was on point. It started off with a great cameo from legendary actress, Madhuri Dixit. The actors had good chemistry, and not just the leads, but supporting as well. The songs/dances were upbeat, with lots of energy (fantastic dancing, Ranbir!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where the characters looked like they were having so much fun. I certainly haven’t walked out of a theater feeling as light as I did in quite a while. A really nice change of pace if you’re looking for one.



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The List: Fallon’s Favorite Foreign Films (say that 10 times fast)

Ten of my favorite foreign films made within the last decade, listed in no particular order…

LifeisBeautiful“This is my story. This is the sacrifice my father made. This was his gift to me.”

1 Life is Beautiful-La vita è bella (Italy, 1997)

I’ve read a lot of criticism about how this film flippantly deals with the Holocaust, but I disagree. The film speaks to the preservation of innocence and the human spirit, even in the darkest of times. I laughed; I cried. Life is beautiful. So is the movie. I recommend it without reservation.

castle“This isn’t a house, it’s our home!”

2 The Castle (Australia, 1997)

A David vs. Goliath set up of Darryl Kerrigan, the story’s hero, against the airport that wants to take his home for expansion purposes. This movie is hilarious and you’ll be rooting for Darryl and his family all the way. With dialogue like, “He know friend, I know friend… My friend come to your house, put bomb under your car and BLOW YOU TO F***ING SKY!!!… I do not really have friend like this, but you know I’m Arab, and people think Arab have bomb” (-Darryl’s neighbor, Farouk) you can’t help but laugh out loud.

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